Kerry Kendall

author, reporter, educator, connoisseur of fine wines and dark chocolate


Writing was my therapy when no one was listening.  Well, my psychiatrist was listening.  But he was getting paid, so that doesn't count.  He was my first audience for the bizarre stories in “Goot for You!”


Is there such a thing as “venting therapy?”  That's why there's a book.  It all had to go somewhere or I was going to EXPLODE.


"Goot for You!" The Laughable Life of a Second Wife


"Goot for You!" is a true story of survival. Julie told Kerry not to marry David because, a few years earlier, she herself had married a rich man with three children. Blinded by love, Kerry didn't listen and followed her friend into the abyss. Not having the power to stop the enabling, dysfunction, and bad parenting, Kerry and Julie helped each other to cope. Their survival tools included appletinis, therapy, humor, wine, prescription drugs, shopping and the competition for "the crown," awarded to the one with the most screwed-up stepkid at any given time. Jail, detox, re-tox, weapons and welfare. There's a lot of mileage on that crown. This book serves as an excellent warning to anyone considering marrying a person with "baggage." When it gets too heavy, drop it and run.